Saturday, November 16, 2013

“In-Depth Articles” Feature in Web Search Results on

"In-Depth Articles" Feature in Web Search Results on

In Depth Articles Feature

In Depth Articles Feature

Google Feature SERPs Update – Queries in our data set with "In-depth articles" jumped from 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic. This is the 2nd update of in-depth since the feature was launched, and Google only adds/subtracts them every weeks.
A few high-volume(High CPC one word and two words keywords) sample queries are below - these are queries that have in-depth. As before, these are all fairly broad searches:
"antivirus" "payday loans" "gadgets" "vanity fair" "scooter" "cctv" "versace" "rental cars" "bridesmaids" "jeans" "family tree" "smart tv" "arthritis" "leonard cohen"
"hostel" etc...

Tips Optimize your site for the "In-depth articles" feature Below Article markup

For this feature, it's particularly helpful if you can implement certain aspects of the schema.orgArticle markup, notably the following attributes you can markup :

*image (note: the image must be crawlable and indexable)

Authorship markup

Authorshipmarkup helps our algorithms to find and present relevant authors and experts in Google search results.

Pagination and canonicalization

For multi-part content, proper pagination markup using rel=next and rel=prev tag in html code can help search engine bot correctly identify the extent of those articles. In addition, it’s important that canonicalization is done correctly, with a rel=canonical pointing at either each individual page, or a “view-all” page (and not to page 1 of a multi-part series). Learn more about pagination and canonicalization.


A logo is a great way help users recognize the source of an article with a quick glance. As a webmaster, there are two ways you can give Google a hint about which logo to use for your website:
Create a Google+ Page and linkit to your website. Choose an official logo or icon as the default image.

Use Organizationmarkup to specify your logo.

Note that it may take some time for logo changes to be reflected in search results.

Google is also testing a link to "More in-depth articles" (not live yet).