Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Creating a SEO Strategy With Google Webmaster Tool

Google recently publish a video on YouTube and Google Webmaster blog and full describe the SEO strategy in under fifteen minutes. Wondering how to begin creating an organic search strategy at your company? What’s a good way to integrate your company’s various online components, such as the website, blog, or YouTube channel? Perhaps we can help! In under fifteen minutes, I outline a strategic approach to SEO for a mock company, Webmaster Central, where I pretend to be the SEO managing the Webmaster Central Blog.

The video covers these high-level topics (and you can skip to the exact portion of the video that might be of interest):

*Creating a SEO strategy
*Using Webmaster Central as mock company
*Building a SEO strategy
*Understand searcher persona workflow
*Determine company and website goals
*Audit your site to best reach your audience
*Execute and make improvements
*Overcoming obstacles