Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bing Webmaster– Now Connected Official Social Pages Beyond Your Website

For any business, claiming associate account within our Bing Webmaster Tools permits access to plenty of helpful data. SEO Reports, link information (for your web site and different sites), ranking data, keyword traffic information then far more. However even with all this quality comes with a limit. We have a tendency to may solely show you information associated with the websites you own or controlled.

Today, however, we’re emotional the Connected Pages feature among Bing Webmaster Tools. Now, additionally to this information you've got access to on your own website(s), you'll be able to additionally claim official social pages, connect them to your account and see similar information because it relates to those connected locations.

Ever marvel that keyword area unit causation traffic to your official Facebook page? Curious to understand who’s linking to your Twitter page? Well, currently you’ll apprehend.
Bing Webmaster Connected Social Pages to Website

Bing Webmaster Connected Social Pages to Website

Which Page Types Can I Connect to My Website?

Currently, you'll be able to connect a good variety of page varieties to your verified web site, providing they contain a link that points back to your verified web site (the main URL), or at a minimum – a page that lives on your main web site. We can't raise you to enter any passwords or give North American country with any extended permissions to your social media accounts to ascertain this association, however the link within the connected page has to match with in the sense that the link has to purpose back to the foundation of or a sub-page inside your verified website. Obviously, to visualize this, we tend to conjointly have to be compelled to be able to extract the link from every of the connected pages, therefore the page has to be accessible from the online and not block our booster in any means. Here is that the complete list of net presences we tend to presently support as connected pages:

* Facebook
* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* Google+
*Windows Store
* Google Play
*Apple Store
* Windows Phone Store

Now, if you have an established presence at any of the locations listed above, you can begin connecting them inside your BWMT account effective today. Data will start to be populated within 72 hours. After that, it’s “always on” and you can select date ranges as within your normal site data areas to see information for customizable periods of time.