Friday, March 08, 2013

OnPage SEO analysis and tips

Site web-page analysis tutorial:

1. Title

Tips for making unique webpage title
  • Long term keyword positing at the beginning of the title tag then short term keyword and then brand name at the end separated by a hyphen or a pipe(- or | ).
  • As possible webpage title length 65 characters including with space because some major search engine shown 65 characters on SERPs.

2. Description

Tips for making unique webpage META Description:
  • As possible webpage meta description length between 80 -160 characters including with space.
  • Writing short length in about your page and concenter keywords in meta description tag.

3. Text - <body> Tag

Tips for making unique body text:
  • Has at least 500 words to each webpage.
  • Has a keyword density between 3 and 5% in your content.
  • Has paragraphs, headings, subheadings and use semantic.
  • Has inbound and outbound links to related topics.

4. Links - <a> Tags

Tips for making good Links:
  • As possible keep 10 text links to internal pages.
  • As possible keep 5 text Links to outbound pages.

Semantic Analysis:

Headings Tags
<h1> Tags Only one h1 tag you can use in webpage.
<h2> Tags Do not use more than 3-4, up to 10 when you have more than 3000 words in your text.
<h3> tags

Images - <img> Tags
<img> with ALT attribute and TITLE attribute.

Semantic Tags
<P> <ul> <ol> <blockquote> <em> <b> <i>

HTML Microdata
Markup Validation:
HTML and css Errors in the Source Code
W3C Validator

Technical Analysis:
Filesize HTML source code

Code / Text ratio
Text Rate should be higher than 25 %.

Website speed
website speed is good when it took less time to load. Read about website speed click here.


make a sitemap for user html file and for bot xml file.
Canonical Tag / hreflang Tag
Use canonical tag for similar page or duplicate content.
Url: directory depth, dynamic parameters
Inline CSS / Inline JavaScript / Flash
Frames  Tags

Text and Phrases:

Word frequencies (max.30)
Frequencies of phrases with 2 words (max.30)
Frequencies of phrases with 3 words (max.30)
Frequencies of phrases with 4 words (max.30)
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