Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Website speed performance testing tool

Website speed performance testing tool

All webmasters strongly recommends that regularly monitor site performance and the speed of your website as experienced by users around the world. Fast and optimized pages result in higher traveler engagement, retention, and conversions.

Site Performance testing tool :-
  • Pagespeed insights tool
  • YSlow tool
  • Webpagetest tool
Using Pagespeed insights tool and make your website more faster. The Pagespeed insights tools is to assist you optimize the performance of your web site. Page Speed Insights merchandise can assist you establish performance best practices which will be applied to your website, and Page Speed improvement tools will assist you automatize the method.


Pagespeed insights tool show up three type priority message.
  1. High priority:- These suggestions represent the most important potential performance wins for the smallest amount development effort. High priority message must be resolve for SEO optimization.
  2. Medium priority:- These suggestions might represent smaller wins or far more work to implement.
  3. Low priority:- These suggestions represent the littlest wins. you ought to solely agonize with this stuff when you have handled the higher-priority ones.
Use PagespeedinsightsTool improve and got an overall PageSpeed Score of (out of 100).